Our Logo


Yayasan 1Malaysia’s contemporary logo, which focuses on its name, is clean, simple and relevant to its objective of being in the business of selling National Unity.

The entire logo is printed in the same shade of blue. Blue was chosen to reflect the stable and functional priority of Yayasan 1Malaysia’s vision which is to engage all Malaysians in working towards national unity and the 1Malaysia concept.


Yayasan 1Malaysia is an independent, non-profit organisation established in July 2009 dedicated to the 1Malaysia vision, guided by the Malaysian Constitution. We are inter-ethnic bridge builders. We strive to achieve national unity. We seek to enhance justice for all and elevate respect for one another, regardless of ethnicity.

  • Our Vision is to engage all Malaysians in working towards national unity and the 1Malaysia concept.
  • Our Mission is dedicated to develop, support and spearhead activities and programmes promoting national unity


  • Providing access, engagement and support for public sector and civil society involvement in tackling national unity issues across the spectrum of Malaysian society.
  • Establishing and developing programmes for national unity development.
  • Providing policy input on national unity and other critical public policy issues via economic, social and political research/analyses as well as engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Encouraging public awareness and participation in critical social development and public policy issues and programmes


Development of programmes for national unity.


Yayasan 1Malaysia is to promote, engage with and support selected civil society activities. Contact us for more information.


We would like to help you promote for public awareness and participation in national unity initiatives via selected communication channels, especially the Internet(Blog, Social Media and Yayasan1malaysia.org).


In regards of national unity issue, Yayasan 1Malaysia actively undertakes research and engagement in key policy areas concerning national unity.

Board of Trustees